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Advanced privacy protection

No more wondering if your home life is being streamed on the internet, Angee was designed to protect your privacy. When you arrive home Angee turns to face a wall to prevent unwanted video capture and only critical alert video is uploaded to the cloud so your privacy is protected both at home and in the cloud.

How it works

Fully autonomous operation

Angee automatically arms and disarms depending on who is home or the time of day. Angee is truly a "set it and forget it" home companion, enabling you to focus on your life and family, not the status of your home security systems.

How it works

Perimeter protections keep you in the know

Easily stay informed when people enter or leave your home. Angee uses simple stick-on motion-tracking sensor to monitor activity on key entry doors or windows. When sensors detect motion but the system doesn't recognize the person, Angee immediately sends an alert to your phone.

How it works

Rotate the camera

See it all with a 360° remote controlled view

Don’t settle for a narrow peek! With a full rotating 360° live view with night vision, Angee makes sure nothing goes unnoticed - even in the dark. You can control the camera right from the App, and if there are any unexpected intruders Angee will automatically rotate so you can see what's happening.

How it works

Angee keeps learning to keep you secure

Angee is smart cloud service with hardware that is built to last. As Angee acquires new skills and features her secure cloud integration will ensure you always have the most up-to-date software and features.

How it works

Your home in your pocket

The Angee app allows you to check in on your home from anywhere on the planet. And if anything goes wrong, Angee will notify you immediately.

How it works

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Why as a Service?

We understand that not everyone is looking for another security gadget. This is why we are launching a "home security as a service“ - a revolutionary concept, providing all the freedom you can imagine while taking care of what matters most - your home and family.

Tomas Turek
CEO of Angee

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