Protection & Privacy

Award-winning home security solution that respects your privacy

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Truly Autonomous

Angee guards your entire home all by herself by automatically switching between security modes and analyzing for dangerous situations, all while minimizing false alarms and protecting your privacy.

Multi-mode Protection

Full Perimeter Protection

Built to respect
your privacy

Most camera systems see and store everything, which is more than a little unnerving. We believe your privacy is paramount, so we designed Angee to actually respect it.

Never watching you at home

Protecting your home no longer requires giving up your privacy. Angee turns to face the wall when you come home, and you have complete control over who can connect to Angee's camera.

Constantly Evolving

Angee's powerful hardware is built to last, and edge computing capabilities allow for new features, functionalities, integrations and services to be added via the Angee Cloud.


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