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A burglary occurs every 13 seconds

The average dollar loss per burglary is $2185

41 % of homes with an alarm system were burglarized because the systems were not turned on

Only 13% of all reported burglaries are solved

Rotate the camera

360° Camera

Angee makes sure nothing goes unnoticed with 360° live view. Control where Angee is looking from the app, and when you’re not home, Angee automatically rotates to track motion.

How it works

Unique Privacy Mode

Rather than watching your every move, we’ve designed Angee to respect your privacy, turning to face the wall while you’re home and keeping watch while away.

How it works

Multi-mode Protection

Angee automatically switches between security modes depending on who is home or based on the time of day. That way, you’re protected if the unthinkable happens, but you’re not bothered if your kids are playing in the living room.

How it works

Entire Perimeter Protection

Angee uses a 360° camera and security tags to protect your entire home through motion-tracking technology.

How it works

Powered by the Cloud

Angee’s hardware is built to last, and you’ll always have the most up-to-date software functionalities thanks to our powerful cloud integration.

How it works

Your Home in your Pocket

Angee app allows you to both access your home from anywhere around the planet - see what is going on and at the same time it notifies you when something important happens.

How it works

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Why as a Service?

We understand that not everyone is looking for another security gadget. This is why we are launching a "home security as a service“ - a revolutionary concept, providing all the freedom you can imagine while taking care of what matters most - your home and family.

Tomas Turek
CEO of Angee

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