About us

Founded in 2015, Angee is making homes safer. The automated home protection solution that respects your privacy was designed to protect those you love without you having to think about it.

Our Story

Too  often,  people make  sacrifices to  protect their homes  with the newest home  security systems.

Whether  in compromising  their privacy, settling  for a product with a lousy  interface or requirements for their unnecessary interaction,  or paying an excessive price point, today’s home security  systems seem to offer everything but peace of mind.

That’s  why we created  Angee, the home security solution delivered to you as a cloud managed service that  protects both your home and your privacy, rather than invades it. No additional devices, no keypads, no contracts, no hidden fees. Solution that is constantly improving and adapting to your changing needs.

So,  whether  you’re simply  looking to stay  connected to your  home, keep an eye on  a pet or loved one, or  wanting to keep your home  safe while on vacation, Angee  is right solution for you.

Our Belief

Above  all, your  technology should  be measured by how  much it improves your daily life.  At Angee, we believe technology should  be as easy to use as it is effective,  and it should be extremely effective. We manifest  this belief into all of our solutions.

At  Angee,  we don’t  believe in  making sacrifices  to protect your home.  You shouldn’t have to pay  a fortune for a device that becomes sooner or later becomes obsolete  only to occupy your shelves. You shouldn’t have to pay additional fees  to make the most of your home security system. And you shouldn’t have  to sacrifice your privacy just to keep an eye on what’s happening at home.

We  believe  in easy-to-use  solution that add  to your home experience,  rather than invade it. We are always inspired to make things better and give you a personalized and constantly improving experience. We don’t make solutions for faceless customers; we make them for the people we care about.

Welcome  to Angee. We are delivering  peace of mind through premium  home security solution that doesn’t  sacrifice personal privacy.

Protect your home
and privacy

  • All Hardware Included
  • Risk free, cancel anytime
  • No cloud storage fees

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