About us

We made hoe monitoring simple, so you can take care of your home, make sure your loved ones are safe when you can't be with them, and ensure your property remains safe and secure when you can't be there! 360‑degree camera, video clips and service as standard included. No contract or hidden costs. Subscribe today for $16/month.

Our Story

Angee was born in 2016 as the result of the effort of the group of relentless founders, talented engineers, software developers & marketers, to bring a new, much-improved experience to secure homes.

The team started by learning from people`s experience with early versions of smart security systems. As a tech-first company, Angee came to Kickstarter with home security we believe is one step ahead of the competition. The team effort was to make the smartest home security system ever; and committed to creating the most useful and convenient system tailored to each individual’s needs. Angee attracted more than 1,300 customers through its Kickstarter campaign for its revolutionary solution.

Angee presented its solution first time at CES 2018, where it received TWICE Pick! Award and lot of recognition from the press, especially for its unique privacy-centric design and autonomous behavior.

We were looking whats the right way to bring our solution to the market, to bring genuinely hassle-free service with no strings attached, and early 2019 we have launched Angee as the only pure subscription service, which is still true today.

Our Belief

  • You should not have to worry about purchasing hardware, only finding later it does not work correctly and requires activation of paid cloud service.
  • You don’t have to understand complex pricing, select from thousands of options, or face hidden charges or signing long-term contracts.
  • You should not need to select from various products, learn how to use them, use keypads, or other additional devices.
  • Your privacy should always be respected and never compromised for any reason.
  • You should not pay for commissions of various agents and resellers, as well as be subject to complicated contractual terms & conditions.

Protect your home
and privacy

  • All Hardware Included
  • Risk free
  • No cloud storage fees

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