Home Security – November 11, 2015

20 home security tips

Of course Angee will protect your home should an intruder try to get inside, but check out these great tips to prevent them from even trying!

  1. Keep all doors and windows locked when you’re not at home. If you open the windows on a hot summer day, be sure to close them before leaving.
  2. Keep the garage door closed at all times, even on hot days. But if you’re positive that leaving it slightly open cools the rest of the house, limit this to about four inches.
  3. Reinforce doors with door jamb reinforcements.
  4. All doors should have high grade deadbolts.
  5. All first-story and basement windows should have Charlie bars, rods or gadgets that prevent horizontally-sliding windows from being slid open.
  6. The address numbers for your house should be big and easy for first responders to see.
  7. Though you may not care what your grass looks like when not cut, burglars do. That’s because a lawn that looks like it hasn’t been cared for in a while makes burglars think nobody’s been home for weeks…
  8. And speaking of which, burglars also notice if paper delivery has been accumulating, or the house is always dark in the evenings. If you’re away a lot or don’t use much lighting when you’re home, use automatic lighting devices.
  9. Never put a note on any door outside that says you’ll “be back in a few.”
  10. Before you go out on errands, put the phone’s ringer on mute so that burglars don’t hear unanswered rings.
  11. Before dusk approaches, close curtains and blinds. A favorite way burglars case houses is to look inside when it’s dark.
  12. Never smoke when drowsy and always rinse butts before tossing them.
  13. Never hide spare keys near your front door; a burglar will find them. Give to a trusted neighbour or other adult.
  14. Put valuables in a safe—preferably a big one (small safes are often stolen without being picked open on the spot).
  15. Doors should have peepholes. Never open the door if you can’t tell who’s there and are not expecting anyone.
  16. Have a smoke alarm on each floor.
  17. Devise a fire escape plan and then regularly drill the family in it.
  18. Always turn off hot things like curling irons when you’re not using them.
  19. Never leave anything burning while you’re outside the house.
  20. Flammable items should be kept away from the house. This includes dried up leaves and brush.

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