Home Security – October 20, 2015

4 Angee design features to be excited about

The world’s first truly automated home security system for everyone, Angee isn’t just easy to use and completely reliable, we’ve also designed it to be beautiful.

Created with the most advanced materials and components that look great and function even more impressively, this is intelligent technology that will fit right into your home. We could go on for days about why we think Angee is brilliant, but here are four design features we’re really excited about. If you’d like to see more, please check out our Kickstarter campaign.

Anodized aluminum body

Angee’s outer body is a very precisely machined shell crafted from anodized aluminum. The first thing you’ll notice is that it looks great, but it’s also light, scratch-resistant and very durable. The shell gives Angee its signature sleek look, which makes it inconspicuously attractive, whether you put it on a bookshelf, on your coffee table, or anywhere.

Makrolon lens foundation

Angee’s lens is probably its most important feature, allowing you to check in on what Angee sees when you’re gone, and to record anything that happens in your home. The lens itself is glass, and the plastic components that surround the lens are made from Makrolon, the highest quality polycarbonate resin manufactured by Bayer MaterialScience. This special material is permeable by infrared light, which makes our next favorite feature possible.

Advanced Night Vision

Angee projects infrared light through the Makrolon areas surrounding the lens, which gives it what we believe is the most effective night vision on the market. You’ll have a clear picture, even with virtually no light in the room. It’s perfect for checking up on your children while they’re sleeping, and of course for keeping an eye on your home when you’re out for the night.

Complete 360° rotation

Unlike any other smart home security system on the market, Angee has 360° rotation, allowing it to turn towards any motion or noise in its surroundings. Your view of what’s going on at home isn’t limited to what’s in front of the lens. This also comes in handy when you want to record videos, since you can just set it up, and Angee will follow the action.

From the earliest stages of conceptualizing our project, we wanted Angee to be incredibly intelligent, but also perfectly designed, inside and out. We’ve created Angee to be the smartest and most beautiful home security system on the planet. It’s a welcome addition to any home, apartment or business. We’re sure you’ll agree, and so far more than 600 of you have showed your support on Kickstarter. Please help us spread the message of intelligent, reliable home security for everyone! Find out more on our Kickstarter page.

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