Angee Updates – July 30, 2019

4 Unconventional Home Security Tips

When it comes to your home, nothing is more important than peace of mind. Whether you've recently moved to a new home or have been living in it for years, there are always ways you can make it secure and safe for everyone. Today, we are going to share four unconventional home security tips. We'd recommend following all these tips to get the maximal level of security in your home.

Use Lightup Motion Sensors
Light motion sensors can help you detect an intruder while inside your home or while you’re away with a home camera like Angee that can capture an intruder in the act. Use these outside your house or apartment by the front door, backdoor, and sideways if you have one, and of course, inside your home to ensure you can capture the intruder’s good quality video footage. You can even use timed lights to create an effect that someone is in your home even when you are not there, which is likely to deter intruders and burglars.

Create a Burglar Decoy
Creating a decoy safe with fake loot is a great way to not only make a burglar feel like they got a fantastic score but also to help identify what they look like as you can position the safe in a perfect spot to see their face and clothing. You can also put this decoy in a place that is triggered with an alarm to notify neighbors and the police, have fun with this, in the unlikely case your home is broken into you have something ready to dupe the intruder and protect your property.

Install a Deadbolt
A deadbolt is the door locking device that makes it hard for home intruders to break down your door, they can be the difference between someone trying to break in and someone being able to break into your home. Make sure it is a grade 1 lock with heavy gauge metal and a solid metal strike plate to give you the best protection level.

Secure Your Wireless Network
Many people overlook their wireless network when it comes to home security and privacy. By securing your wireless network, you can protect your valuable information from perpetrators. The best ways to secure your network are usually by changing your network SSID name, adding a password and activating network encryption.

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