CEO – March 10, 2018

A story of achieving product excellence

When you start a business your product is your baby.


Making a great product for your customers takes up all of your waking hours. You talk to prospective customers, research new technologies, test competitor products, talk to as many smart people about your ideas to get feedback. You forget what a full night’s sleep feels like – not that you care. Your excitement and motivation keep you energized.  

Came together to work as one. Rosty, Head of Embedded HW & George, Mechanical Engineer.


In the beginning, you’d do anything to keep the product safe and ensure its success.

As your company grows, you realize you need to evolve with it. Build the team. Get validation and traction. Fundraise. Build business around it. As a result you are constantly distracted by new challenges and opportunities coming from all directions. Soon you find yourself in a position where defining priorities is not as straightforward as it once was.

Inevitably, this means giving up significant time with the product.


Building a functioning organization around the product takes a lot of initiative, coordination and constant sacrifice. At the beginning you might feel frustrated that the product might be going in slightly different direction then you would like. To overcome this I must have accepted that 1. the product is not the only thing that matters 2. you don’t have enough time to make every decision, oversee every detail. These are hard learned lessons.

This is a test. So what do you do? You build a great team and you build a process around developing the product. This is where in theory it all sounds simple and straight forward.


You and your team do your best. You surround yourself with people that inspire you, people that you can respect, and people that are complimentary to you in any and many different regards – both professionally and personally.

Experienced veterans are not yet part of the team, you add them as you grow.

Then you spend a lot of time together. Get to know each others strengths. Tell each other everything you know and ask questions to learn about our ideas. Ultimately, a product that once felt like “yours”, becomes “ours”. This is the best thing that can happen to a founder.

Building a company from the ground up starts with a customer problem and ends with your product hopefully being The Solution. Even if you are solving the right problem, only great teams can pull it off. Great teams are defined by what they have been through. The good, the bad. The vigor and persistence. Every day the team is the source of my inspiration. There is a lot to come from us.

Meeting to take a picture. Literally. Ha. (Ondrej, Head of SW)


Every product and context is different. Together – you keep thinking and implementing the process around the product development. On top of that proper product management rarely comes before product development. Matter of fact – talking to number of successful founders, executives and engineers – managing a product and its development is perhaps one of the most complex challenges companies face today.

So you fail 100 times.

Persist and learn every step of the way. Hire people that have done it. Take it seriously. Our next challenge is mastering this process because at the end of it – we are innovators.

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