Angee Updates – August 30, 2017

Angee is gearing up for mass production!

What an exciting last couple of months it’s been here at Angee!

Last time I wrote, we had just received samples from our first batch of Angees. These samples were created during a production phase called Design Verification Testing (DVT), using the same metal, plastic, and silicone pieces that we will use to make the final product.

We put those samples through nearly 70 different tests, testing the functionality relating to Power (when recording, running on battery, charging, short circuit protection, etc), Sensors (WiFi, BLE, motion, etc), Audio (sound detection, echo cancellation, wifi interference, etc), Video (color rendition, distortion, night vision trigger, etc), Reliability (hot/cold startup, low temp functionality, etc), Durability (drop test, scratch test, component aging, etc), and a host of other things to make sure that every component and feature of Angee meets our standards and your expectations (as well as all necessary regulations).

PIR (motion detection) sensor testing. Angee is rotated at a precisely defined speed while the PIR sensors are detecting the heat generated by the heating element (black plate on the right) which simulates a human heat signature.

Anechoic chamber to test Security Tag field strength

Custom-made testing jig which enables us to conduct a variety of PCB-level testing


While the tests were largely successful, they revealed a few small issues that needed to be resolved. So we created a second batch of 100 samples, and went through the same exhaustive testing process again.

I’m pleased to report that the results of the second round of testing validated the product! In addition to passing the tests, we also successfully implemented several additional changes. Most notably, we added more internal storage, meaning Angee can now record up to two hours of HD video in case wifi goes down.  We also solved an issue we were having with the sensor responsible for switching the camera to night vision.

Preparation for infrared LED intensity testing and tuning. Human eyes to not the see the infrared light, but the camera does — it’s what allows us to get night vision video.

Thanks to the positive testing results, we moved on to produce a small batch of samples for the certifications we need to begin Beta Testing.  We have already finalized the certification needed for our internal battery, and the rest are in progress (it’s actually quite a process — in total there are 20+ tests and certifications to be performed between the Main Angee Unit, Security Tag, and Power Adapter).

While we’re waiting on certifications, we’ve been conducting intensive software testing.  The UI/UX is getting better and better, and I’m really pleased with how everything is progressing.

We’ve also been finalizing packaging! Below you’ll find the box Angee will arrive in, as well as the design we’re working on for the exterior.

That’s all from me for now.  Time to get back to it so we can make that final push and get Angee into your hands!


Tomas and the Angee Team

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