CEO – October 24, 2018

Angee is here!

A lot has happened since our last update in March, most importantly – Angee is officially protecting homes and privacy of our Kickstarter backers in 61 countries around the world and has launched in the US.  Angee is available for sale through Indiegogo and directly throughout our website. 

In September we have completed major milestone in the life of Angee as we have dispatched all confirmed orders. We have sent out orders to 61 countries around the world and by that we have fulfilled an important promise that we gave to our Kickstarter backers.





This is big.

We have reached another critical milestone and this is major accomplishment for us. To get to this point has been one of the biggest challenges of our lives so far – building hardware and company around was tough, yet still one of the best things that had happened to us.

We have done it!

Angee happened to make your homes a safer place. When we first thought of Angee in 2014, we had no idea what we signed up for. We were fueled by curiosity and passion for making technology invisible and perfecting experience around home security. When we did our first prototypes in 2014, the landscape looked different. Our competition was traditional professionally monitored home security systems and although wave of innovations was expected, it wasn’t clear which approach to innovating in this sector will win.

Today – more than 75% of people in the US still do not have a Home security system. Why? After speaking with hundreds of potential customers, we believe there is a huge gap that needs to be addressed.We have always believed in simplicity.Majority of the solutions are still too technical and complex to choose, install and use, and importantly they often compromise our privacy. Further – these solutions come with large upfront costs and complex contracts.

Along the way we have realized that there is not enough room in our shelves for obsolete products. The future is in reliable, fully automated home security service, not in owning another “thing”.People do not want to sacrifice their privacy or convenience for security, and many of them are looking for other options.

Consequently – I have another exciting announcement to make!

Angee is The first Plug and Play Home Security service launched to the US market, to address all these problems. Angee protects your home and privacy at only $16/month, with no upfront costs for hardware and no contract.



Angee is available on our webshop and will also roll out through several retail channels in the following weeks and months.




You get the whole package

Your Angee subscription includes our 360° camera, security tags, cloud storage, and access to our mobile app. If for some reason you no longer need Angee to protect your home, you can cancel anytime.