Angee Updates – February 15, 2018

Angee is in Mass Production!

It’s an exciting time for Angee - we are currently in mass production with our factory after completing our PVT batch of 200 Angee Security packages at the end of the last year.

Our CTO Rosta, our Product Delivery Lead Miro, and our Chief Mechanical Engineer George have been on the ground overseeing the project. Check out the video and photos below to see Angee being assembled!

Our Team on the Production Line

SkyLight Team Member installing Angee’s lower PCBA

Angee all sealed with lower PCBA installed

With Angee’s Firmware flashed, workers install the IR LEDs cover

RF testing for Wi-Fi, BLE, and ISM communication

Finished Angees coming off the assembly line, ready for Quality Control testing

Quality Control passed! Ready for packaging 🙂

All Angee Security boxes are packed by hand

Ready for your homes!


We have already produced several hundred Angee Security packages through our Mass Production process, and we expect that all production, including our first stock for general sales, will be produced before the end of March.

It’s been a very long road to get here, and we’re so deeply grateful for your patience and support. Without our community we wouldn’t exist as a company. But thanks to you, Angee is about to meet the world.

On the software development side, we are working closely with 128 Beta Testers – both professional testers and volunteers from our community – and collecting a lot of great feedback. Our beta is all about getting both the Angee solution and our support processes ready for you –  it’s not just about improving the software and user experience, we also want to make sure we are able to support you when issues arise and improve Angee based on your feedback. It’s a thrilling experience. The whole company is learning massively. I would like to personally thank each of you for your patience, feedback and words of support – that itself is a tremendous reward for us.


Thank you again,

Tomas and the Angee Team

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