Home Security – September 16, 2015

Angee. What’s inside?

Combining electronics and mechanical design as we developed Angee, we were confronted with paradoxes and contradictory demands on its functionality.

We set our goal clearly: To overcome these challenges without compromising the experience we envisioned, making the form substantial and the design compelling.

To build such an advanced system with a great user experience, we often had to pioneer and innovate our way through. And the result? Form meets the desired function perfectly.

These are biggest challenges we faced and would like to talk about in upcoming articles:

  1. How to fasten the rotor and stator together – firm enough to hold together, but enabling smooth rotation at the same time
  2. Which motor to use – to be small enough while providing enough torque
  3. How to transfer signals between the rotor and the stator
  4. How to place antennas in a (rotating) aluminium cylinder
  5. How to reliably detect movement 360° around the device
  6. How to effectively illuminate the scene with IR light at night
  7. How to effectively and reliably recognize all voice commands

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