Angee Updates – January 10, 2019

Why Angee Chose To Create Simple Subscription Service To Protect Your Home

We have presented our innovative subscription only service at CES 2019 using 'Protect your home and Privacy' tagline.

Angee initially presented its subscription service, including our new functions and roadmap for 2019 at the biggest electronics show in the world – CES 2019 in Las Vegas. CES is an excellent opportunity to meet with industry leaders and inspire each other to build a better future. CES provided a chance for us to consider alternative distribution methods, and cool technologies to integrate into our roadmap to keep our service outstanding. We are extremely excited and proud to have built a solution that allows us to add new features within seconds rather than months.
Even with growing competition, our focus has not changed; as a matter of fact, we are laser-focused on what we believe matters most – your convenience and privacy. That means keeping things simple for our users and protecting their privacy, video content storage, streaming access, and other private data.
By providing Angee as a subscription service, we have committed to deliver our customer’s needs every day and push ourselves to continue to improve our service regularly. We believe that in our segment, selling Angee as a product is not the right model as it does not provide our customers the assurance that they will get the service they paid for and puts them on the hook to make ‘right’ product choices. We want to make your life simple and choose Angee as convenient as possible with no long term commitments and an easy setup. We’re excited to share the new updates we have for you as of 2020; this is just the beginning!

You get the whole package

Your Angee subscription includes our 360° camera, security tags, cloud storage, and access to our mobile app. If for some reason you no longer need Angee to protect your home, you can cancel anytime.