Angee Updates – October 9, 2015

How Product Hunt boosted attention to Angee

We are Angee Inc. — a tech-first team, intent on establishing a great brand. Our aim is to create a product which helps to make the world a more convenient and safer place.

We had a great idea and decided to take our project to Kickstarter. Being self-funded and working with a limited marketing budget, we had not thoroughly understood what it would take to attract interest in and drive traffic to our campaign. For 18 months, our team was entirely dedicated to tech development and making an amazing product.

Launching the campaign, we soon noticed awesome conversion rates — people really liked what they could see. As time passed, a couple of days into the campaign, the traffic to the site stumbled. Getting traffic to our campaign so people notice Angee exists is of course immensely important to us. When Product Hunt asked us to post about Angee, we knew the effort of creating an awesome product was worth it. Product Hunt has given a significant boost to our campaign funding. With a low advertising budget, this was especially noticeable. When Angee appeared on Product Hunt we saw a spike in our website traffic.

This was especially interesting because much of our traffic had previously been driven by kickstarter, and now we were getting a new flow of interest to our website; Seeing an increase in traffic to our website gave us an insights into what people expect and how they behave on our site – leading to some important optimisations. Moreover, Product Hunt tested well our 24/7 customer support chat that became very busy, answering various interesting questions from numerous people,some of which became our customers.

We got way over 200 upvotes. Today, we have not only reached our Kickstarter goal, but are well on the way to stretch goals to make Angee even better.

Upvotes abound!

So… We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who is supporting Angee, and to Product Hunt for featuring us, contributing to making Angee a reality, and helping us to build the Angee brand. We are really proud to be part of Product Hunt!

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