Team – March 1, 2018

Meet the Team – Honza

Welcome to our "Meet the Team" series where we profile the folks behind the Angee solution.


Jan Paulovcak



Position at Angee

Cloud Engineer

What you like about Angee

From a technical perspective, the idea of the product itself is certainly a factor. It’s a rewarding opportunity to build a product for millions of users around the world. Angee also uses a rich variety of the latest technologies to build a solution, which is not just a pleasure to work with, but also a great way to enhance your own skills. That being said, a company’s culture is equally important. Angee really has a great sense of family and truly values people on a personal level. From company lunches to recognizing birthdays and achievements, the little things really go a long way. The work is hard, no doubt, but even on the toughest days you can leave feeling accomplished and appreciated.

What/Who inspires you to do a great job

Of all the people who have inspired me, Nikola Tesla ranks at the top of the list. Not only was he a brilliant scientist, but more importantly, he used his genius and dedication to leave the world with some amazing and pioneering innovations. In 1960, the General Conference on Weights and Measures honored Tesla by giving the name “tesla” and the symbol (T) to the magnetic unit in the SI (International System of Units).

Tell us what you do outside of work

During my spare time, I really enjoy hiking. Most of the time I stay local, but if there’s an opportunity to take a more challenging route, I’m game. In a couple of months, my friends and I plan on going to Priecne Sedlo in the High Tatras, Slovakia. Feel free to join us!

Favorite songs

  • Welshly Arms – Legendary


  • Imagine Dragons – Whatever it Takes

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