Team – February 27, 2018

Meet the Team – Matus

Welcome to our "Meet the Team" series where we profile the folks behind the Angee solution.


Matus Koperniech – I might be the only one in the world. Thanks, Mom & Dad!



Position at Angee

The official name of my position is Mobile Lead, but considering I work with such talented people, very little “leading” is necessary. 🙂 Most of my time is spent taking care of and implementing the Android version of our application, syncing both mobile platforms and consulting various designs and future technical possibilities/limitations.

What you like about Angee

Hardware. Honestly, I think every developer knows that amazing feeling when you see your code in action. Seeing the results of your ideas and hard work being in action is an indescribable experience. And the hardware component just takes it to another level.

What/Who inspires you to do a great job

I draw my motivation from two main sources. First, is definitely the team around me. Seeing everyone do their best work to bring the product to life is extremely motivating. Moreover, when users have a negative experience while using the products that I make, it pushes me to do things better.

Tell us what you do outside of work

I like to shoot – but with a camera of course! Otherwise, I love socializing and spending most of my free time with friends. And recently I have tried baking! Have you tasted my cupcake brownies? No? Let me know and I’ll make some more! 🙂

Favorite songs

  • Eminem – Lose Yourself


  • NF – Dreams

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You get the whole package

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