Team – February 17, 2018

Meet the Team – Rosty

Welcome to our "Meet the Team" series where we profile the folks behind the Angee solution.


Hi, my name is Rostislav Lisovy. People usually call me Rosty (or even nicer names)



Position at Angee

Chief Technology Officer

What you like about Angee

Not a single day is the same. There are always different interesting problems to work on.

What/Who inspires you to do a great job

What motivates me to do a great job — the feeling that every single day I am not challenging myself (my brain) is a wasted one.

Tell us what you do outside of work

I listen to music (German hip-hop, of course) a lot. I’ve lately become a fan of rocket science (just gathering information, no prototypes of rockets have been build so far) and when there is a nice day (might be sunny, might be rainy, but it has to be reasonably warm) I like to go for a walk or some short hike.

Favorite songs

  • Bushido & Saad – Nie ein Rapper


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