Angee Updates – September 12, 2015

Our story

To us, home and family are sacred. We have discovered that securing our homes is often (and to too many people) a very frustrating experience. What initially started as a curiosity soon developed into a relentless passion to find a better way to use technology to protect the things in life that matter most to us.

The most talented programmers and designers came together 18 months ago. We started by learning from people`s experience with early versions of smart security systems. As a tech-first company, we are now coming to Kickstarter with home security we believe is one step ahead of the competition. Our team is inspired to make the smartest home security system ever; and committed to creating the most useful and convenient system tailored to each individual’s needs.

After initially analyzing the problem, and the available solutions, we performed many experiments, and created prototypes to test individual aspects of our solution, while also testing individual hypotheses. Although we gathered the necessary expertise we soon realized that to scale, we lacked both capital and serial production experience.

To make up what we lacked, we partnered with a well-established security firm and experienced hardware company, who offered to help. We made our first prototype in 4 months and it exceeded everyone’s expectations, except ours. After this very short and intensive sprint, the big company offered to buy us. We decided to stay independent and invest our own money to pursue our vision of a better future.

Learning from our mistakes, we re-imagined the whole concept of the product, starting with the original idea and applying all our hard-earned knowledge. Our ability to sacrifice all we had done up to that point and start from scratch was the single best decision we made, as it enabled us to create such a great product – one decision that is so hard to make and few make it.

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Tomas TurekTomas Turek

CEO & Co-founder

Entrepreneur. Creator. Coffee Drinker. CEO, Co-Founder @ Angee

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