Angee Updates – March 27, 2018

Pre-orders are being delivered!

We have exciting news: Angee is no longer just for Beta Testers - we have started shipping pre-orders to the general public!

Today we are beginning shipping to US customers. Again, I want to thank you all so much for the support you have shown us on this journey. We couldn’t have done it without you!

For the focus of today’s update, I wanted to go over Angee’s present functionality and roadmap.

In 2015 we announced on Kickstarter our vision to create a truly autonomous security system, and we wanted to focus on a bunch of other things as well (voice control, personal assistant, etc). During our time building Angee the market evolved, and particularly with the rise of Alexa and Google Home we realized that we should have laser focus on one area and work to be the best in that area.

Our focus is security and safety, and the Angee solution is built around that. As a result, we decided not to include some of the features we initially thought we would (of course they could be integrated down the road, but more on that later).

To get an idea of how Angee works today, check out our new product video:


Angee has been designed to autonomously protect your home while respecting your privacy. This starts with the Security Tags, which protects your home’s entire perimeter and identifies people at the door.


Based on who is home, Angee automatically switches between the following security modes:


When you’re away, Angee monitors the perimeter and interior of your home, watching for intruders. If anything goes wrong you’ll be notified immediately, and video evidence will be saved to the cloud.


When you’re home, Angee stops monitoring for danger. Users can still connect to Angee’s camera if privacy mode is not enabled.

Privacy Mode

The default setting of Disarmed Mode – in Privacy Mode Angee will turn to the face the wall when you come home, and anyone who wants to connect to Angee needs your permission first.


Note: For Angee’s automated behavior to work properly, it’s very important that you invite everyone in your household to join your place in the Angee app. If everyone isn’t added, Angee won’t recognize members of your household and will mistake them as intruders.


Another core part of Angee is that it was designed every step of the way to respect your privacy. While Privacy Mode plays a big part in this, it’s also important to note that only videos of security events events and moments you choose to save are sent to the cloud. And all data is encrypted on both ends, using the same standards as banks, ensuring that the only person who can access your data is you.

To control Angee, you can use the app and also use voice commands. It’s important to note that Angee’s voice functionality is centered around security; she cannot answer questions like Alexa or Siri. The most common and effective voice command is disarming Angee using your voice password – we know that sometimes your phone is dead or you don’t have it with you, and that shouldn’t cause false alarms.


In addition, you can use your voice to accept calls in privacy mode, and Angee can respond to security/functionality commands like “arm my place.

Note: Angee’s Voice Control is currently in Beta and will need some practice to understand voice commands. Our voice team has built learning algorithms that will allow Angee’s voice control to learn and improve over time, so we expect improvement in this area as people begin talking to Angee in their homes. For now, voice control works best if you’re standing near Angee and you say your commands slowly and clearly.

As I wrote in our last update, a core part of Angee’s identity is that the solution is constantly evolving. Future releases will include things like glass shatter and fire alarm sound recognition, and more. We are always eager to hear your ideas, so please let us know what you’re like to see next!


Thank you for your support, and I’ll be in touch with another update soon.


Tomas and the Angee Team

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