Team – February 19, 2016

The Angee team is growing!

Hi everyone! Tomas here. Just wanted to quickly give you all an update on what we’ve been up to this past month.

For starters, I’m happy to introduce our new team members Andrew – a very solid software engineer, and Andre – our audio expert helping with signal processing and voice recognition technologies. I am very excited to be working together, welcome!

As you already know, we are in the process of finishing our final design for manufacturing, and are selecting between some of the finest manufacturers in the world to be our partner. The Year of the Monkey celebrations are wrapping up, so Rosta, George, and I are getting ready to head back to Shenzhen for final interviews.

Meanwhile we’ve made great strides in optimizing our mobile apps (iOS/Android). The features testing has been going well, and we’re working diligently to create a UI that’s beautiful, clean, and intuitive.

We’re also in the process of revamping our website, which will include a store where you can buy additional security tags. Lots of you guys reached out to us saying you wanted more tags to cover all of your home’s entry points. Ask and you shall receive 🙂

On that note, I woke up the other morning reflecting on a fact that fifteen hundred people is quite a lot! Our community is what drives us, and I’d love to learn more about you, what you love most about Angee, and what you see your home looking like in the future. Tell me anything you like. We’ve set up an email to communicate directly with anyone who wants to get in touch, so feel free to reach out at

As Angee becomes closer and closer to becoming a reality, I hope you guys realize how important your support is to us. We are not building a product, we are building an amazing company full of people who want to push the boundaries of what’s expected from technology. And we couldn’t do it without you.

Til next time!

Tomas and the Angee Team

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