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Excited to see at CES

The biggest tech launching pad of the year is just around the corner, and here at Angee we’re more excited than ever about the impending unveilings at CES 2018 on January 8th.

The biggest tech launching pad of the year is just around the corner, and here at Angee we’re more excited than ever about the impending unveilings at CES 2018 on January 8th.

We’re lucky enough to be living in a time of huge technological advancements occuring not only every year, but every month and week. CES is a chance for all of that to be showcased, to tech junkies, savvy consumers, partners, investment community, and clients alike–all at the biggest tech show in the world in the one and only Las Vegas, NV.

While we can’t predict the future and say with certainty which platforms, new software solutions and hardware devices will be making their debuts at this year’s show, we’re already anticipating the most exciting debuts and the year’s upcoming, game-changing trends, including…

Angee’s debut

One of the trends that’s going to make a big splash in 2018 is the massive innovation of the solutions to replace traditional home security systems. And Angee, which is set to be launched into the market this year, is leading that change. After much anticipation Angee will be making her official U.S. debut at CES.

Angee is radically different from anything else on the market because we use a holistic approach to create an easy to use, automated solution which respects the privacy of those living at the home.  We combine smart hardware, cloud, AI and other technologies to deliver an actual solution for home protection that just works without complication. This means that Angee knows when you’re in and out of the house so security can be fully automated and hassle-free, and that Angee understands various situations to minimize common false alarms. And like many smart home technologies, Angee also recognizes your voice so that your security password does not even require you to use your smartphone.

Considering that burglars enter through the front door 34% of the time when they’re breaking into a home, we’re glad that we can make a real difference. And as Angee is designed to be constantly upgraded with new features through its over-the-air update capabilities, its functionality and ability to deal with different hazards will only grow in the time. We can’t wait for CES audiences to get a glimpse of what Angee can do.

Smart home innovations

Speaking of smart home tech, we’re also excited about all the changes coming out with Alexa and Google Assistants. And the wave of change that these changes bring: new technologies to help people maximize the investments and upgrades they’ve already made in their homes. CES is sure to have a lot of new products on display.

Because whether it’s smart appliances, voice assistants, or tech-infused beauty products, the smart home is most definitely getting smarter. As smart home assistants become increasingly ubiquitous across consumer markets, its important for people to understand how separate devices can support one another to create an autonomous ecosystem designed to make your life simpler and more fulfilling.

Security concerns adressed

Additionally, another particular concern that’s going to be addressed at CES in the new year is not only home security, but also personal and data security, too. “CES 2018 will challenge our ability to identify, discern and judge the intended — or unintended — consequences of connected AI-enabled devices built on a software platform such as Amazon’s Alexa.” They plan on exploring the implications of what it means to be tracking all that data out there–and who may have access to that data, too.

For that very reason (public concerns about security) biometric technology is also going to be completely revolutionized in 2018. For example, Apple’s iPhone X feature Face ID, a 3D face-scanning technology that unlocks the phone, or Synaptics’ new in-display fingerprint reader that can be featured in a multitude of devices.

After all, now that so much of our information is going into so many of these devices, it’s only natural that they’re going to get smarter so that our privacy is protected. And it’s more than just a luxury, it’s in fact a necessity, when in 2015 alone hacks occurred in every state in the US–and are on the rise. This is why Angee uses military-grade end-to-end encryption, and only sends video to the cloud in the event of an emergency or if the user chooses to view the livestream through the Angee app.

Some other exciting trends

The fact is, there are so many trends coming out at CES in 2018 that we can barely even keep track of them! The press has been buzzing, and there’s so much to get excited about. But when it comes to the main trends, you’ll want to make sure you keep an eye out for: artificial intelligence and the emergence of smart cities, voice assistants and voice recognition, and AI combined with both personal and private security. As you can see, all of these technologies end up working hand in hand, in large part because we are becoming more connected–with each other, with our homes, and with the IoT.

Just to give you an idea of how much everything is changing–by 2020, the amount of Internet-connected things is estimated to reach 50 billion.

Be sure to check back in on Angee’s blog for an updated post about the product launches we’re most excited about, following this year’s CES.


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