Angee Updates – January 2, 2018

U.S. launch

What’s the most precious thing in your life? For the team at Angee, it’s our homes and our families. Their safety is priceless.

This is why when were looking for the right challenge to solve a major problem for people around the world, we decided to build Angee – automated protection that protects your home and respects your privacy.

In 2015, we announced we were building the first truly autonomous home security system and launched our Kickstarter campaign generating over 1300 orders and receiving high accolades from the CNN, CNET, Indiegogo and more. We were excited to start developing and shipping Angee.

We spent the past two years making Angee a reality, during which time we assembled an amazing team, faced and overcame many challenges.

In developing a solution that integrated different technologies within cloud, smart hardware, mobile, voice and embedded platforms unexpected challenges and iterations on both hardware and software side were met. We are happy to say that have been able to solve these challenges successfully.

After many realizations and iterations, we built our home protection solution on three key pillars – it is automated to take care of security so you don’t have to, it takes care of broader range of security related issues – not just break ins and it protects ad respects your privacy.

Today we are fulfilling our kickstarter orders and bringing the original idea of Angee to life! We are excited to announce that we are launching the solution to US market at CES 2018, the largest consumer show at the planet.

Our team’s constantly increasing velocity and momentum sets us to achieve some great things going forward. It enables us to do so much more today than ever before and so there so much more to come from Angee! Stay tuned.

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