Angee Updates – March 3, 2019

Why automation is key to making smart, connected devices ubiquitous

Network-enabled or “smart” devices are some of the most innovative and compelling products developed during this digital revolution, designed to work with and through the internet to make our lives more comfortable.

Smart devices can control your lights, start your car while you’re still inside your home, send grocery lists written by your fridge, heat or cool individual rooms at different temperatures based on numerous factors, and so much more. They make everyday tasks easier to manage and offer added comfort and peace of mind.

Some smart devices have even revolutionized entire industries. Home security is something everyone is concerned about. Although there have been some sophisticated and high-tech options on the market well before smart devices became an established trend, intelligent security systems have made home security more affordable and more personal. Not only do smart security systems offer homeowners the services they need and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your house is secure, but they also allow for increased consumer control over their own home and can even increase customer privacy.

One of the great things about smart devices is that although there are many different devices with different purposes and functions, they can all be connected and give you access and control from one central program. Connecting smart devices isn’t just about convenience; there are many other benefits, like whole-home automation. Some other benefits of connecting your smart devices include:

1. Ease

If you’ve ever laid in bed with the light on, trying to convince yourself that you should get up to turn it off but deciding it’s easier to stay in bed, then you would probably love smart devices designed to let you control your lighting from your smartphone or through voice command. But as easy as it is to open a program and complete the task, if you have multiple smart devices that serve different purposes, opening various applications to run and complete each task can become a real pain. Connecting all your smart devices will make it easier to do a few jobs at once, all in one location, rather than spending the time to open and close programs and apps to get tasks done.

2. Comfort

It’s difficult to muster the will to go out into the cold to start and defrost the car during the wintertime. It’s also difficult to get out of your warm car and go inside to a house where the heat has been turned down all day. Connecting your smart devices allows you to control your home and your car from one central program. You can stay in the comfort of your bed to turn off the lights, turn down the heat in your room without freezing the kids, and so much more.

3. Efficiency

If you’ve ever had to spend time searching your TV for the right app or channel, you know how annoying it can be. Connecting all your smart devices can save you time and get things done more efficiently. Smart TVs adapt to your preferences and automatically bring up the apps you typically use. Your other smart devices can learn what times of day you tend to use them and can be programmed to run automatically. Having all your devices connected in one spot helps them communicate with each other, making it easier to manage them and increase efficiency.

4. Savings

Smart devices are designed to make your home more efficient and energy-friendly. Devices like smart thermostats help you control the heat and air conditioning use in your home, taking up as little energy as possible and helping you to avoid waste. Connecting your smart devices through one central program allows them to work together to make your home more energy efficient, providing you with extra savings.

5. Safety

Connecting your smart devices in one central program can help keep you, your loved ones, and your home safe. If your home was broken into while you were on the road, you could receive a notification and check in on your home or call for help immediately. If you were at home and one of your loved ones was in an accident, you could get the notification and check in on them right away. Connecting your smart devices would allow you to act more quickly and get the help you need.

Connected devices of the future allow for easy automation that adapts to your needs and lifestyles. Smart homeowners don’t want to be inundated with multiple devices and forced to take on the responsibility of managing the complexity currently associated with it. Instead, they’re going to look to these devices to offer a complete household solution that requires little or no effort. We designed our home monitoring solution with automation first in mind. We know that you don’t want to keep in mind to turn on your security system every morning when you leave the house. We also know that you don’t want to receive notifications for every movement or noise that takes on the premise. To help people lead their safest and productive lives, we have prioritized automation; Angee knows when to turn certain security functions on and off  – so you don’t have to worry about it.

You get the whole package

Your Angee subscription includes our 360° camera, security tags, cloud storage, and access to our mobile app. If for some reason you no longer need Angee to protect your home, you can cancel anytime.