E-commerce Lead

Description of Role

This is an exciting opportunity to join a young company and work on ambitious and challenging projects in a smart, world-class team.

e-commerce Lead will be primarily responsible for overseeing and managing the e-commerce department of a company with a significant online presence. They will handle decision-making for the website, social media accounts, and online advertising. They will also be responsible for research and development of new online marketing strategies, and for hiring and training the rest of the e-commerce division.

An ideal candidate for the e-commerce Lead position is an organized, analytical person with strong technical skills. They will be able to multitask effectively and be able to problem-solve when needed.

Key Areas, Tasks and Responsibilities of the Role

  • Responsible for determining the format and features of the website in order to maximize clarity and ease of navigation for customers
  • Identifying and evaluating new marketing opportunities to increase the website traffic and online production
  • Plan, define and implement website changes and functional improvements
  • Maintain and update the online marketing plan for the website
  • Monitor key performance indicators on the website and develop plans to improve them

Skills, Experience and Qualifications Required

  • Expert communication skills, both verbal as well as written
  • A strong grasp of modern technology and social media, an expert understanding of spreadsheets, databases, financial analysis, website design, search engine optimization, and e-marketing strategy
  • Understanding of order management/customer fulfilment in an e-commerce context
  • Previous experience of website or e-commerce CMS
  • Computer literate and understanding of basic web technologies (FTP, browsers, basic HTML, data files)

How to apply

Include whatever information you think would help us to understand your background better – whether it is your GitHub, Twitter, blog or anything else you deem appropriate