QA Lead

Description of Role

This is an exciting opportunity to join a young company and work on ambitious and challenging projects in a smart, world-class team.

Test lead is responsible for driving the process of manual testing and debugging the product as well as collecting the feedback from our customers. He should be able to have (and display to development and product teams) complete visibility of the product current status with regards to functionality and bugs. Together with the product team he should be able to set priority for bugs to be resolved and focus on the development / debugging team. He should oversee the movement of the product through devel, staging, production environments and his end goal is to get the product in great shape to hear only positive feedback from the customers once it’s promoted to production environment.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities of the Role

  • Responsible for and driving the process of manual testing
  • Helps to identify the critical functional blocks causing major bugs and implements automated testing for developers to run when committing to master branch
  • Continually updates priorities and gives reports on the state of the product functionality across all environments (i.e. devel, staging and production environments)
  • Defining the scope of testing within the context of each release / delivery
  • Deploying and managing the appropriate testing framework to meet the testing mandate
  • Implementing and evolving appropriate measurements and metrics
  • Planning, deploying, and managing the testing effort for any given engagement / release
  • Cooperation with Product Development team
  • Cooperation with external providers of testing related services

Skills, Experience and Qualifications Required

  • At least 2+ years experience in similar role, preferably for a solution combining hardware and software
  • Solid experience with creating testing scripts & scenarios
  • Good handle of documents, sheets and reports
  • Some experience with managing remote/external/intern testers
  • Experience with using some test management tools
  • Technical background preferred
  • Coding experience not required

How to apply

Include whatever information you think would help us to understand your background better – whether it is your GitHub, Twitter, blog or anything else you deem appropriate