QA Lead

Description of Role

QA Lead is responsible for defining and managing testing procedures for the entire Angee solution including manual testing and debugging of the product, implementation of automated testing across the entire system including embedded software, cloud, mobile applications.

QA Lead together with the product team participates on prioritization of resolution of discovered issues and with the deployment team on delivering the solution to the production environment.

To ensure a smooth user experience of the home security service, QA Lead needs to be customer/product oriented, willing to participate in beta testing, focus groups and other customer-oriented activities.

Key Areas, Tasks, and Responsibilities of the Role

  • Defining scope, test scenarios, testing procedures as well as tools used for the testing
  • Performing manual testing and managing the implementation of test automation on all platforms
  • Helps to identify the critical functional blocks causing major bugs and implements automated testing for developers to run when committing to the master branch
  • Continually updates priorities and gives reports on the state of the product functionality across all environments
  • Cooperation with Product Development team
  • Cooperation with external providers of testing related services

Angee has a forward-looking and growth-inspired culture and the successful candidate must be self-driven, able to work well and deliver excellent results using their own initiative. Resourcefulness and a sound understanding of software and/or hardware product development are further requirements.

Skills, Experience, and Qualifications Required

  • At least 3+ years experience in a similar role, preferably for a solution combining hardware and software in the Agile environment
  • Solid experience with creating testing scripts & scenarios
  • Good handle of documents, sheets and reports
  • Some experience with managing remote/external/intern testers
  • Experience with using some test management tools (TestRails, Zephyr)
  • Technical background required
  • Great analytical mind for high-level logs analysis

Advantage – specific, relevant technology experience in

  • API testing
  • Native mobile apps automated testing
  • Embedded Systems testing

How to apply

Include whatever information you think would help us to understand your background better – whether it is your GitHub, Twitter, blog or anything else you deem appropriate