Test Engineer

Description of Role

This is an exciting opportunity to join a young company and work on ambitious and challenging projects in a smart, world-class team.

As a Test Engineer at Angee your goal is to implement and administer automation testing of the Angee solution and be an important part of Quality Assurance. Specifically – the goal is to speed up our release cycle by helping to prevent recurring problems / bugs caused by regressions.  Doing this – you will contribute significantly to Angee’ s ability to swiftly adapt to our consumer needs by developing new functionality and reacting to their feedback.

Key Areas, Tasks and Responsibilities of the Role

  • In cooperation with our product / development teams create and execute strategy for automation of “functional – end to end – testing”
  • Angee solution includes cloud, embedded, mobile, voice interface and other components. Product functions utilise some or all these components
  • Each of the components is tested by their respective departments in isolation
  • Test Engineer will design executable scripts testing various product functions  accessing all components through designated APIs
  • ie. In order to test end to end functionality each component will have an API or similar (Rest API, SSH) for test engineer to access it / test input & output
  • Test Engineer will first select to automate testing for functions where recurring regression bugs exist with each new release
  • Test Engineer’s goal is to run his scripts, pass / fail tested functions and if fail then identify specific components to give quick feedback to respective teams (cloud, embedded etc.) before software is deployed into staging environment

Skills, Experience and Qualifications Required

  • Good knowledge of Python for programming / scripting of the E2E tests
  • Knowledge of automation testing platforms (Jenkins)
  • Knowledge of the Linux, Bash, SSH
  • Knowledge of Mobile Apps testing (E2E with Cloud, UI test)
  • Knowledge of the Rest API and Websockets
  • Advantage: knowledge of C, C++, Java language (reading)

How to apply

Include whatever information you think would help us to understand your background better – whether it is your GitHub, Twitter, blog or anything else you deem appropriate