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    Do you need to pay a subscription fee for Angee?

    No monthly fees required! With the smart triggers and video loop it records any suspicious activity - no need to record hours of empty home videos. That said, subscription plans will be available where these services is needed and appropriate.

    What’s the difference between Angee and something like Canary?

    Our approach to security is much more thorough. We secure all entry points and use advanced proximity sensing of nearby phones. This makes Angee more automated and more reliable. Also, Angee is not just a home security system, it`s an intelligent robot! Angee gives you a full 360° view of your home - with all of its functionality controlled by your voice - streaming, recording, automatic rotation to motion - and its portable so you can take it anywhere. Additionally, Angee has access to your favorite internet data and services to make your life more convenient

    How easy is it to set up Angee?

    It has never been simpler: unpack, pair up, stick motion sensors and you are set. It’s the pairing up we are very proud of. It will take 30 seconds altogether - promise.

    Angee is awesome! What package should I get for my home?

    For smaller home we`d recommend Angee + a sensor to cover the main door - it is often enough to give you fully automated full-perimeter security. That said, if you want to video monitor multiple areas (e.g. baby room, garage, etc.) Angee is great for accessing these places instantly from its awesome mobile application. For a larger home, we recommend purchasing the 3-pack so that you are able to monitor multiple locations at once. Please consider that for use in houses where wall material / thickness may be problematic for a wireless signal, more units, or more security tags are recommended to cover that area well.

    What’s the battery life of Angee?

    Angee has a 3600mAh battery, which should give you at least 8 hours battery life streaming live video!

    What stops people hacking into / deactivating Angee?

    We used an almost paranoid diligence protecting both static data (within the device) and dynamic data (communications). Our approach is to perceive the cloud in general as a potentially untrustworthy environment, and thus we`ve encrypted not only the communication between Angee and the cloud, but also the data stored in the cloud. For the encryption itself, the de facto industry standard -- SSL -- is used. So we use the same encryption framework as banks or the military.

    Is Angee available in other colors?

    We are thinking about enabling people to personalize Angee with various covers. Stay tuned after the campaign :)

    What language support does it have?

    Currently Angee only supports English. If we reach our stretch goal we will also include Spanish, French and German.

    Where is recorded video stored?

    Angee has onboard storage which can hold about 1 hour of HD quality video (much more if the video is set to lower quality). For subscription plans we are using Amazon Web Services, for secured cloud storage.

    How does Angee deal with pets in my house?

    Angee does not raise the alarm based on movement or noise alone. Angee creates a geofence for your house with the help of the security tags, which assess whether someone has entered the property. That said, you can set Angee to alarm you when your pet jumps on the couch, bed or anywhere it should not be.

    Can Angee be used outdoors?

    It’s portable, and with a built-in battery and over 8 hours of battery life when streaming, Angee can be used outdoors to monitor your kids or your pets, or to stream parties, sports events, anything really. However, the first version of Angee is not waterproof.

    Can I turn Angee off (privacy mode)?

    Angee can be set to automatically switch to privacy mode when you are home, and not only can it deactivate the camera, but it can turn to face the wall. When you leave your home, Angee switches to armed mode and will be alert and ready to detect anything out of the ordinary.

    What kind of power supply does Angee use?

    Angee is compatible with typical micro USB cables (like most smartphones), we don’t want to use a proprietary cable, because we know how annoying it can be to replace cables.

    What is the range on Angee’s wireless connection technology?

    Angee uses boosted bluetooth technology. It’s aimed at use in apartments, and with multiple Angee units it can cover large houses. Tests show perfect functionality in open space over 100 feet (30m). If your home has thick walls you will need multiple devices to cover that area.

    What will happen if connection to the internet is lost?

    Angee keeps persistent connection with the Cloud through the Internet (like a heartbeat signal). When this connection is interrupted, you are immediately alerted. You can imagine this as constantly asking the device "are you there?", as soon as there is no answer from the device, we know it is off-line. Moreover – Angee is the only system (compared to the main competitors – Piper, Nest, Canary) that monitors when the power is out. It not only has a built-in battery to continue operating but also 1.5GB of internal storage to store the video -- i.e. Piper has the battery but no local storage.

    Where is your team / company located?

    The development team (see the team section further up the page) is mostly from Prague, forming the core of an international team. The company was founded in the Czech Republic, but we are shifting our presence to North America as we feel it has the strongest customer base for tech products. Our new office is in San Francisco, and the company (Angee Inc.) is registered in the USA.

    Can Angee be attached to the wall or the ceiling?

    The first version of Angee is not intended to be attached to the wall or the ceiling, but it is a feature we would love to add for future versions. Potentially you can custom mount Angee (securely) wherever you want, but heat will not dissipate so efficiently if Angee is not upright, so we cannot recommend it at this point, as it requires more testing to ensure it would work reliably in such a scenario.

    Can Angee automatically contact authorities in the event an intruder is detected?

    Upon detecting an abnormal situation, Angee will send a notification to your smartphone giving you the option of viewing information about what is happening, or calling the relevant authorities. We are considering a monitored/automated response to intrusions in the future, but currently they are not very appealing as typical response time is longer than the duration of a burglary anyway. A key benefit of Angee is collecting information about potential intruders, and acting as a deterrent.

    Can I use private cloud / local network storage?

    This is a feature we would love to add. It may not be possible, but we are looking into it! Stay tuned for updates.

    Can I purchase security tags separately?

    We will make additional security tags available from our website when Angee is released. These will be able to be ordered in advance for backers, so we can ship them along with your current backing reward!

    Will the application be available for both iOS and Android?

    Absolutely! We will be developing it for both operating systems simultaneously, and you can access Angee through a web browser interface too!

    Any other questions?

    We are ready to answer everything. Please, don`t hesitate to contact us.