Rotate the camera

360° Camera

Cover every angle with Angee’s 360-degree camera that detects and follows motion. As long as motion is detected, capture everything with unlimited video recording clips for all reported alerts.

Advanced privacy protection

No more wondering if your home life is being streamed on the internet, Angee was designed to protect your privacy. When you arrive home Angee turns to face a wall to prevent unwanted video capture and only critical alert video is uploaded to the cloud so your privacy is protected both at home and in the cloud.

How it Works

Multi-mode Protection

Angee automatically switches between security modes depending on who is home or based on the time of day. That way, you’re protected if the unthinkable happens, but you’re not bothered if your kids are playing in the living room.

Entire Perimeter Protection

Simply stick Security Tags on windows and doors, and Angee will guard the full perimeter of your home.

Powered by the Cloud

Angee’s hardware is built to last, and you’ll always have the most up-to-date software functionalities thanks to our powerful cloud integration.

Day & Night Protection

Angee stays on alert when you go to bed. Grabbing a midnight snack won’t set off the alarm, but someone trying to break in will.

Built-In Battery

A little thunderstorm can’t stop Angee. If the power goes out, Angee’s internal battery kicks in and videos are saved to internal memory.

Advanced Sound Recognition

Angee can recognize sounds like a glass shattering or a fire alarm going off, so if something goes wrong you’ll be notified immediately.


We love our furry family members! And if Fido walks past the camera, it won’t trigger a false alarm.

Voice Password

If your phone is dead or you don’t have it with you, you can always arm or disarm Angee using your voice.

Protect your home
and privacy

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