Subscription Plans

What’s included?

For Both Plans

  • 1 Main Camera Unit
  • 1 Security Tag 1 Security Tag
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • iOS & Android App
  • Multi-Mode protection
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Continuous App Updates
  • Shipping & Handling

Monthly Yearly SAVE $36

$13/month* $16/month *For 12 consecutive months, in total of $136

Home Monitoring made simple.

We made home monitoring simple, so you can take care of your home, make sure your loved ones are safe when you can't be with them, and let no one mess up with your property when you can't be there!
360 degree camera, video clips and service as standard included. No contract or hidden costs.
Subscribe today for $16/month.

We respect your privacy.

Protecting your home no longer requires giving up your privacy. We believe your privacy is paramount, so we designed our service actually to respect it.
When you come home, Angee turns its camera to face the wall, and you have complete control over who can connect to Angee's camera.

Reasons to Subscribe

  • No Device Purchase Required

  • Constant Feature Updates

  • Low Monthly Fee

  • 24/7 Live View Access

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage

  • Easy Setup & Easy to Use

  • No Lock-in for Monthly Plan

  • iOS & Android App

  • Unlimited Users

  • Real-time Alerts

  • Unique Privacy Mode

Home monitoring made simple.

Most Common Questions

Home monitoring in your hands.

Your subscription includes all you need to protect your home.
360-degree camera, Security Tag, iOS & Android apps, unlimited cloud storage.
No contract or hidden costs.
You can cancel anytime if you no longer need Angee to protect your home.