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  • Automated protection
  • Respects your privacy
  • Lifetime alarm video storage
  • Home security camera

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Angee Security

One Main Box is enough to secure whole household in most cases. If you want to have visual and audio access to more than one room - get extra Main Boxes.

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Complete protection with lifetime alarm video storage and no monthly fees required. $349

Protecting your home has never been easier


System Privacy mode Auto Arming Multi-Hazard Full Perimeter Field of View Night Vision Video Quality Motion Sensing Price
Angee Yes Yes Yes Yes 360° Yes Full HD 360°
Arlo Pro - 2 camera pack No No No No 130° Yes Full HD Yes $479
Nest Cam IQ No No No No 130° Yes Full HD Yes $299
Canary Flex No No No No 116° Yes Full HD Yes $199

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Terms & Conditions

  • Angee will first be available for sale in the US, later in Canada, the UK, EU, and then the rest of the world
  • After the Angee will become available in your region you will be notified to be able to confirm your purchase of Angee
  • The price is being shown in US dollars
  • The $349 is the price for customers in USA and excludes taxes/shipping costs.The final price depends on the place of residence of the customer and will be calculated at the time of the confirmation of the purchase.
  • The price for the customers from other geographies will be determined and provided at the time when Angee becomes available internationally, and might be substantially different from the price for US Customers

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