How does Angee know you’re at home?

1. Check “Place Presence” in Preferences

Angee checks several parameters every minute in order to detect your presence at home. We are using a combination of the Bluetooth, WiFi and Geofence in order to have precise and reliable information regarding your presence and to keep your privacy intact at the same time.

To check your status, please go to Preferences > Place Presence

Angee - Place Presence

2. Don’t kill the App

Please do not swipe (kill) the app in the App switcher – the app needs to run in the background for Angee to work properly. Angee is scanning the perimeter of your home every couple of minutes and it needs to communicate with the Angee mobile app.

Angee - App force quit

3. Location permission “Always on”

(Required on iOS only) Please keep this permission always on. We are not using or storing your exact location. We are using the Geofence technology to detect your phone in the radius of 600+ feets around your house.

Angee - Access to your location

4. Keep your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ON

Bluetooth is one of most important tools in our core technology to detect the presence. Please keep your Bluetooth switched on – it doesn’t take much of the battery, your phone has BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy which is not taking almost any battery power.

5. Add all your Wi-Fi networks in the app

Angee will automatically detect all of your Home WiFi networks and ask you to add them to the list of the WiFi allowed networks. We are using this list to determine your presence. Every time your phone connects to one of those networks, we will find it almost immediately. Don’t worry, we are able to detect 2.4 GHz and 5GHz networks as well.

To manage your networks, please go to Preferences > Place Networks

Angee - Place Networks (Wi-Fi)

6. Turn the Battery optimization OFF

(Required on iOS only) Do not turn on the battery optimization on in the settings. This will put Angee app on hold and Angee wouldn’t be able to communicate in the background.

To turn off “Low Power Mode” go to Settings > Battery (same as screenshot below).

Angee - Low Power Mode (battery settings)

7. Keep one account per mobile device

If you have several mobile devices under the same account, it could “water down” your signal and your presence will be less precise.

8. Invite all of the people in your place to the app

People without the Angee app will not be detected and they will cause false alarms. Please make sure that you have invited all the users in your place. Please make sure that they understand all the requirements for the Angee security system to work. We know that many false alarms are caused by users who are killing the iOS app or not using the Angee app correctly.

To invite users, please go to Preferences > Users > Add New User

9. Keep “Background App Refresh” ON

Your App settings should look like right screen below

To make sure, please go to Settings > Angee

Angee - Background App Refresh (in iOS Settings)

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