How to Voice Control your Angee with Alexa

Use your voice to interact with the Angee security system through your favorite voice assistant. There are several commands you can use and interact, without the need to use your phone.

Use this Alexa skill to Arm and Disarm your Angee and get informed on what is happening at home using the Alexa Voice Commands.

Simply ask Amazon Alexa to enable the Angee skill by saying “Alexa, enable Angee security skill”. This will provide you with instructions in your Alexa app to link your Angee account with your Alexa account. You can also set it up by using the Angee app. Please head to preferences section and continue to Devices list and select Add New Device option and choose the Amazon Alexa


After linking your Angee account, just use commands:
– “Alexa, ask Angee security to arm
– “Alexa, ask Angee security to disarm
– “Alexa, ask Angee security who is at home
– “Alexa, ask Angee security what is the status
– “Alexa, ask Angee security to start/stop video recording
– “Alexa, ask Angee security to start/stop siren

Setup voice password via Angee Mobile Application (in user profile settings):

– A: “What is your password?
– A: “Disarming


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