Setting up Angee

1. App

First things first, please download the Angee app for iOS or Android. You can get the app at

2. Placement

After you create your account, it’s time to choose a spot for Angee. Generally speaking, it’s best to place Angee in an open spot so she has lots of visibility, ideally of the entryway.  

You can find more tips on picking a spot for Angee in the video below:

3. App setup

Once you’ve picked a spot for Angee, it’s time to setup Angee using the Angee app. Please note that the instructions below summarize the setup process – for a step-by-step guide please watch our setup video tutorial:

After you create your place and name your Angee, you will connect Angee to the Wi-Fi using your QR Code. Before generating the code, please ensure that your Wi-Fi is working, you’re connecting to a 2.4Ghz network, and that you’ve entered your password correctly.

To get Angee to read the QR Code, please hold the QR code roughly 8 inches (20cm) from Angee’s camera. If you’re having trouble, try moving your phone slowly toward the lens and then slowly away so Angee can focus.

4. Update

Once connected, Angee will check for updates. If there is an update available, Angee will download the update automatically. Please note that certain updates require Angee’s battery to have a minimum charge, and if that’s the case Angee will need to be left plugged in and given time to sufficiently charge.

5. Security tag

After Angee has confirmed she has the latest software, it’s time to set up your Security Tag. Please put in the batteries and push the button to pair your Security Tag to Angee, then place the Security Tag on your main door.

For more information on Security Tags and the number of tags needed for your household, please see our article on Security Tags.

6. Add users

Once your Security Tag is placed, it’s time invite users. It’s essential that you invite everyone in your household, otherwise Angee will think they are an intruder and it will result in false alarm.

For more on this, please see our articles on Inviting Users and Managing User Permissions.

All set!

Once you have invited everyone in your household you’re good to go! From now on, Angee will be on guard whenever you leave home, and if anything goes wrong while you’re away you’ll be notified immediately.

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